Steignyr: Epic Celtic Death Metal Band from Catalonia. The band it was founded in 2012 by Jön Thörgrmir Fjönlir. We started with the idea of being a Folk Metal Band to enjoy of traditional Irish music with metal and pagan lyrics, but changes of members makes us what we are now.

In 2013 we make the first LP called "The voice from the forest" In 2014 they realased their first EP called “The Legend” with 5 songs, and with this they found their actual style. At the end of 2014 they realased their first CD with the record label “Art Gates Record” called “Tales of a forgotten hero” formed by 13 tracks. In 2015 they realased their second EP with Art Gates Records called “Another Stupid Song of Beer” formed by 3 tracks. They are working for their new CD “The prophecy of the highlands”, it will be avaliable in 2016.

Special Thanks: We want to thank you to all people who have supported us from the beginning, and those wo follow us every day. Thanks from Steignyr.